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IGC Excellence Award 2016
Awarded as
Best Hematologist in Rajasthan


Dr Upendra Sharma is Sr Hematologist & Hemato- Oncologist in Jaipur ( Rajasthan). He is the first DM Clinical Hematology in blood disease & Cancer Treatment.  He is known as leukemia speicalist, lymphoma specialist, aplastic anaemia specialist, plasma cell disorder specialist, hodgkin lymphoma and non- hodgkin lymphoma specialist, chronic myeloid leukemia specialist, myeloid leukemia specialist, itp specialist, thrombocytopenia specialist, polycythemia specialist, eosinophilia specialist, thrombosis specialist, platelet disorder specialist, bleeding disorder specialist, low platelet count specialist, low platelet count specialist, Aplastic Anaemia specialist and Haemophilia speclialist. you can reach to us via calling on +91 74269 18333.